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Getting To Know Gilbert Carrasco, The Variel’s New Executive Director

gilbert carrasco February 14, 2024

Gilbert Carrasco is someone who follows his instincts. When he first visited The Variel last November to begin the executive director interview process, he immediately connected with our luxury senior living community. The staff, the residents, the design, the culture, the location — all of it [...]

Concerned About Your Loved One’s Cognitive Health? Take Advantage of Family Get-Togethers

December 18, 2023

The holiday season often brings opportunities for families to spend quality time together. For those who are geographically scattered, the winter holiday season may be one of the few times they can gather. If you’ll be visiting with older relatives during the holidays, you may want to pay [...]

These Travel Tips for Seniors Can Help Ensure Your Next Trip Is a Safe One

travel tips for seniors November 16, 2023

Having more leisure time is one of the great perks of retirement. For many, it means more time to travel, whether it’s a trip to visit family or an adventure in some exotic, faraway place. As we head into the winter holidays, you may be planning some travel of your own — maybe a road trip [...]

Reading Does More Than Exercise Your Brain — It’s Also Good for Your Physical Health

reading exercises the brain October 24, 2023

Depending on where you live, October may have you enjoying day trips to take in the majesty of fall foliage, pulling your sweaters and coats out of storage, visiting a local pumpkin patch or, at the very least, savoring a warm, spiced beverage. October is also National Book Month, so it’s the [...]

Cue the Music, Please, and Let the Memories Begin!

importance of music September 15, 2023

“Music is life itself.” None other than Louis Armstrong said that, and whether or not you agree with him, there’s no mistaking the impact music can have on our mood, our memory and, as research has demonstrated repeatedly, our health. It’s easy to see why many senior living communities are [...]

Warm-Hearted and Ready to Love: Why Seniors and Pets Are a Perfect Pairing

pets for seniors August 24, 2023

Richard* retired several years ago from a successful career. He lives in a two-bedroom condo in a nice part of town. He’s been married before and is open to the possibility of another romantic relationship in the future, but he’s not actively looking for one. His daughters are grown and have [...]